How Microblading Fades—What You Need To Know About Microblading

It’s no secret that penciling your eyebrows is a pain. You have to worry about your makeup rubbing off throughout the day, and how well the eyebrows match. If they look natural, or if they look too perfect. And when you’re running late and want to get out the door quickly, penciling your brows in just doesn’t cut it.
If you want to avoid the daily hassle of managing your brows, microblading is a great option. It’s a long-term solution that creates a natural-looking brow that lasts for years.
At first, microblading looks great—so natural, in fact, that many people hope it won’t lighten at all over time. But, it is important to know that microblading will lighten after about a year although the ink never leaves the skin.
For example, black ink lightens to a dark gray, orange ink fades to yellow/orange, and over time the appearance changes. After a year, you might like the way your brows look, or it might be time for a touchup to get back to that original color.
At this point, you can come back for a touchup, let it fade naturally, or opt for removal.
It is really important that your technician/artist is experienced. They should be explaining the natural fading process to you!
If you have an inexperienced artist, they may apply the microblading with a heavy hand. This will cause two issues. 1) you won’t have a natural look, and 2) you may end up with more color change as the brow fades.
When searching for a studio that offers microblading, make sure to ask, how many years they’ve been applying microblading and cosmetic tattooing. We’ve been working with women for over 10 years.
Ask, how long have you been working in Orlando? We’ve been in the Orlando area for again, over 10 years.
Be sure to ask, can you show me some examples of your work? It is essential to get an idea of the range of brow shapes and styles the artist can create. You need to know if they’ve worked on your skin type and color, and what the results could look like.
And always ask, what are your processes? Some artists give everyone the same brow style. We are a lot more professional than that. We always…
  • Start with a photo to understand your skin type, brow type, and hair color.
  • We talk with you to better understand what you want and your goals.
  • We set the initial appointment where we draw a template, so you can see your new brows.
  • Then in the same appointment, you decide to move forward with the microblading or wait.
  • We provide you with proper aftercare and instructions to avoid excessive fading.
  • Microblading is a two-step process. We will schedule a return appointment in 6 weeks to touch up anywhere that lost color, evaluate the healed color, and color correct as needed.
  • Lastly, we will schedule the 1 1/2-year follow-up to repeat the process.
So if you’re tired of spending hours every morning trying to make sure your brows look perfect before heading out the door—microblading might be right for you!
To get started, you can text a photo to (407) 574-8383 or send us a photo through our pre-consultation form, Pre-consultation Online Form.
We will evaluate your photo and get back to you to discuss your brow options.
And as always… We promise to refresh your brow, your face, and your confidence!