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We are so excited to be featured as noteworthy news in the Southwest Orlando Bulletin. Areola Tattooing is one of our greatest passions, and we were honored to share that in this article.

About Face and Body is First Medical Tattoo Clinic in Florida to Bill Insurance Directly for Permanent 3D Areola and Nipple Restorative Tattoos

Solution is a Gap Exception Request for Insurer to Honor a Patient’s In-Network Benefits For Out-of-Network Provider

April 8 Event Answers Questions About Insurance Process and Receive Temporary Tattoos if Undecided on a Permanent Tattoos at “Free Nipple Friday” Every Friday Until June 1, 2022

March 18, 2022 (Orlando, FL)… About Face and Body is the first independent medical tattoo clinic in Florida to bill insurance directly for permanent 3D areola and nipple restorative tattoos. By law, insurance companies are required to pay. If “in-network” they pay, if “out-of-network” they can say no. Owner, Jennifer Williams, discovered the gap exception (also referred to as a network deficiency, gap waiver, in-for-out, etc.) which is a request to the insurer to honor a patient’s in-network benefits, even though they are seeing an out-of-network provider. To learn more, About Face and Body is hosting an event Friday, April 8th from 2pm to 7pm where attendees meet with staff to discuss the insurance process and also receive temporary tattoos if they are unsure about permanent tattoos. The event is by appointment only. No walk-ins. Call 407-574-8383 to attend at the 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd Suite #155, Orlando location. “Free Nipple Friday” appointments continue EVERY Friday until June 1st, 2022, in Orlando and at the new location at 198 Country Club Rd., Lake Mary. For more information visit Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Jennifer Williams, owner of About Face and Body, has provided medical tattooing since 2016. For years she would give the billing to the client to go to their insurance provider. Then she began to call large insurance companies only to receive no help to an “out of network” provider or any solution on how to become a temporary network provider. Then a client called her about an email she received from her insurance provider with a phone number to contact about whether About Face and Body could be considered as a single case exception.

Jennifer called and learned the process to successfully secure this single case exception for her client. No policy was changed adding About Face and Body as an in-network provider, therefore Jennifer would need to continue to bill each client’s insurance provider, even if she had contacted the same insurance provider before for another client. Coverage obtained for each client came through a gap exception, which is a single case exception.

In short, insurers allow gap exceptions because they do not have an in-network provider for the patient to go to, so it is considered a “network deficiency”.

  • Many insurers will allow a gap exception if there is not already a provider contracted in their network rendering the same services within a reasonable distance to the patient.
  • The insurance company determines what the reasonable distance is.

For each client, About Face and Body conducts an initial benefit investigation to determine the coverage and then advocates for the maximum allowable. Insurance coverage percentages vary by company and plan for permanent restorative tattoos or any touch-up sessions on faded areola tattoos.

“People pay for insurance benefits, and they deserve to get coverage for the entire breast reconstruction process which may include areola tattooing, and we are happy to help them.” states Williams. “We also want people to feel comfortable, so for those who aren’t sure, temporary areola and nipple tattoos are a wonderful way for someone to experience what restored areolas feel like before committing to a permanent tattoo.”

Jennifer is a renowned 3D areola and scar camouflage tattoo artist with a high reputation among plastic surgeons in the area, gratefully receiving referrals. Her advanced training includes drawing tattoos to create realism. Training and expertise are very important and unfortunately, not all artists (including medical professionals) are skilled in the art of areola tattooing. Often more damage can be caused by overworking the scar tissue or creating areolas that fade too quickly, which is traumatic for the client.

Permanent breast tattoos FAQ, more at

  • Breast restorative tattoos aren’t just for breast cancer survivors.
  • Breast restorative tattoos are for anyone seeking to improve their overall breast appearance.
  • Breast lifts and reductions can leave women and men feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable with their results.
  • Some people need areola tattooing and scar reduction after weight-loss surgery.
  • Please allow at least 4-months of healing time after your final surgery.
  • Typically, the tattoo application does not hurt, but the area may feel sensitive during and after tattooing.
  • Complete healing of the tattoo is usually 7-10 days but varies by person. Aftercare includes keeping the skin clean and dry and applying a healing ointment provided.
  • Tattoos last a lifetime, but some fading may occur over time since we use lighter colors than a standard tattoo. Some people elect to have the color refreshed to keep the appearance of realism.

About Face and Body opened in 2012 as a partnership between two sisters, Jennifer Williams, and Michelle Malquist. They started their business with permanent cosmetics, then expanded into medical tattooing including 3D Areola Tattooing, Scar Camouflage, and Procell MicroChanneling. About Face and Body upholds a high reputation among plastic surgeons in the area. They have two locations: 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd Suite #155, Orlando and 198 Country Club Rd., Lake Mary, Florida 32746.

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