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With the recent rise in popularity of the term Microblading, you may have questions about this service and wonder if you are you a candidate. We’ve provided the information below to help decide if Microblading is the best option for you.

For more information, please visit our MICROBLADING: FACTS VS. MYTHS or EYEBROW STYLES page.

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Microblading is a technique using a “hand tool” rather than a machine to permanently enhance, define, darken or reshape your brows, leaving a natural finish. Each individual hairstroke is applied and blended in with your existing eyebrow hair, and the results are gorgeous! However, Microblading is not as new as you may think.


Microblading first rose to prominence about 25 years ago throughout Asia. Its history is not well-documented in the US, and it doesn’t help that it has gone by so many different names: microstroking, feather tattooing, eyebrow tattooing, “the Japanese Method,” feathering, hairstroking… the list goes on. In Asia, the technique matured as artists experimented with different brow patterns, tools and application techniques.


In the last few years, Microblading had a surge of popularity throughout Europe, where schools and artists have established themselves as the leader of Microblading in the West. In 2015, Microblading finally caught on and overtook “permanent makeup” in Google searches. Bloggers and YouTubers began experimenting with this procedure, while new artists started advertising their work and putting up websites for the first time. In 2016, Microblading had its first mainstream endorsement, when actress Bella Thorne’s Microblading service video went viral and the story was picked up by virtually every beauty news media outlet.


Since Microblading has become popular so quickly, every beauty salon, nail salon, spa and skin care specialist either has either suddenly added Microblading to their service menu or they are considering it. This popularity has invited greedy trainers to set up 1-2 day training in Microblading as a stand-alone skill, rather than an advanced skill. The laws in every state vary, with most states in the US having very little oversight in the Microblading, Permanent Makeup and Tattooing professions. It is NOT safe to assume that someone is good just because they offer a service or their service fees fit your budget. (In fact, those who charge the least are likely trying to get experience by enticing you with a very low price.) They are not qualified just because they are in the beauty industry or have worked on skin in another way. Look at the work of the artist. Be certain that the photos look like they were taken by the same photographer. (Stolen photos are a big issue in our industry and many new artists will post pictures of their instructors work as their own.)

We, along with Permanent Makeup artist everywhere are frustrated by the lack of responsible training of “overnight Microbladers.” They are taught that they are separate from Cosmetic Tattooing but this is not the case. They use the same pigments and supplies as permanent makeup artist. They often call themselves a “Master Artist” but they lack experience in multiple situations and can only take a limited type of client. They are not adequately trained in corrections and color theory and cannot accommodate many with medical conditions. Because we do removal as well, we have noticed that inquires about removal from people with new Microbladed brows is growing every month. This will continue to increase every year unless Microbladers begin to demand more initial training. Removal is not only a lengthy process but also an expensive one with hourly rates beginning at approximately $200 an hour.


At About Face and Body, we did not recently jump on the Microblading bandwagon. Because we have been in business since 2012, we know brows of all styles and we will customize a brow based on your goals and skin. Whether you consider yourself more of a naturalist or a makeup guru, we can better meet your needs by offering multiple methods to accomplish your goals.

Because we believe everyone can benefit from a full and well-shaped brow, we have always offered a hybrid of brow services, including a soft powdered color behind hairstokes. In our experience, most people are more pleased with this combination of styles. They feel it is natural looking long term and works on many skin types. You should know that over the course of several years, a “stroke” of hair will become blurred with ANY method of application and a soft powdered brow will ALWAYS be the result. (You will not read that anywhere else but that is the truth.)

Because the “overnight Microbladers” are realizing they are not adequately trained, they have begun to demand a hybrid of brow services as well. This evolution will become trendy in 2017 but because we have offered a combination of brow services for several years, we are truly brow specialist. We attend 2-4 advanced training programs every year in all forms of permanent makeup services. We will never refer to ourselves as “Master Artist” because we will always be learning and improving our techniques.

Each appointment begins with a consultation. We discuss your brow goals, draw on your brow shape and confirm the design before applying your new brow. The method of application should be determined by your goals, your skin and your lifestyle rather than a trend.

About Face and Body is proud to offer the best brow services, including Microblading, in Dr. Phillips and the surrounding areas of Orlando, FL.

Who is not an ideal candidate for microblading?

  • Have large pores on your forehead
  • Have dark, coarse hair
  • Have excessively oil skin
  • Have diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Have thyroid disease
  • Have deep scars or wrinkles within your brows
  • Have heavily textured skin
  • Have extremely thin/delicate skin

For more information, please visit our MICROBLADING: FACTS VS. MYTHS page.