3 Tips To Help Meet Your Weight Loss Goals


We didn’t fact check this statistic, but we feel pretty safe in saying that the most popular New Year’s resolution relates to getting fit or weight loss goals. Raise your hand if you have ever made this your resolution. We definitely fall into this group, perhaps every year.


While we all have high hopes and motivation to meet our weight loss goals, life gets in the way and the struggle gets real. In our experience, we found the following 3 tips helped us stay on track and motivated, along side our dieting and exercising plan.


1. Count Your Inches - The best way to see progress is to have a starting point and an end point. Document your starting weight and starting measurements. The most common way of tracking weight loss is weight, and many people forget to measure. Our bodies all respond to exercise and dieting differently. Some may be toning and gaining muscle, which may be disguised by lack of weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s important that, in addition to keeping track of the scales, you also keep track of inches. If you don’t have a measuring tape, finish reading this post, then go buy one :) If you need help measuring, check out this helpful guide.


2. Burn Calories - The fastest way to lose weight is to burn calories. Duh! We know, this isn’t groundbreaking news. However, we have the secret on, literally, the fastest way to burn calories. Specifically, 300 calories in just 10 minutes, and you don’t even have to endure a painful workout or break a sweat. It’s called Whole Body Vibration Plate. It does all the work, so you don’t have to. This gym-free option is great if you’re on a busy schedule or physically unable to exercise. A quick 10 minute treatment is equivalent to running 3 miles. What?! That’s the best news we’ve shared in years. Even if you’re a gym-goer and yearn for the feeling of completing a butt kicking cardio session, this is an easy added bonus to all your hard work. The more calories you burn, the faster and closer you are to meeting your goals!

3. Gym Alternatives or Add-ons -  Have you tried the gym, dieting, supplement pills, but still aren’t getting the results you want? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to devote to hours of exercising. We have a solution for you. We have sought and found the best whole body fat reduction treatments available. Burn calories and inches with your first visit!