Overnight Microbladers VS Permanent Makeup Artists

In the last few years, Microblading had a surge of popularity throughout Europe, where schools and artists have established themselves as the leader of Microblading in the West. In 2015, Microblading finally caught on and overtook "permanent makeup" in Google searches. In 2016, it  had its first mainstream endorsement in the U.S., when actress Bella Thorne’s Microblading service video went viral. The story was picked up by virtually every beauty news media outlet. So with all this hype about Microblading, where do the long-time Permanent Makeup Artists fit in? Listen up, there’s a HUGE difference between the “Overnighters” and the Permanent Makeup Artists, and we’re happy to explain the differences in this post.


“Overnight Microbladers” get trained in just 2 days. We’ll let that sink in while we quickly explain it’s sensation. Since Microblading has become popular so quickly, every beauty salon, nail salon, spa and skin care specialist either has suddenly added Microblading to their service menu - or they are considering it. This popularity has invited greedy trainers to set up 1-2 day training in Microblading as a stand-alone skill, rather than an advanced skill. Hence the term, “Overnight Microbladers”. Working in the beauty industry or esthetics, does NOT mean one is qualified to tattoo! Overnighters lack experience in multiple situations, are not adequately trained in corrections and color theory, and cannot accommodate many with medical conditions. Therefore, they can only take a limited type of client. Because the “overnight Microbladers” are realizing they are not adequately trained, they have begun to demand a hybrid of brow services. We predict this evolution will become trendy in 2017. So, what can Permanent Makeup Artists offer that overnighters can’t? Knowledge. Experience. Consistency.


At About Face and Body, we did not recently jump on the Microblading bandwagon. Our Permanent Makeup Artists have been in business since 2012, and attend 2-4 advanced training programs every year in all forms of permanent makeup services. We will never refer to ourselves as “Master Artist”, because we will always be learning and improving our techniques (learn more about us here). There are many areas of study when learning permanent makeup techniques, which include facial morphology and bone structure, brow shaping and design, color analysis, color theory, proper handling of equipment, prevention of cross-contamination, as well as practice work and the opportunity to observe procedures before actually performing them under supervision. Our appointments begin with a consultation, where we discuss your brow goals, draw on your brow shape and confirm the design before applying your new brow. The method of application should be determined by your goals, your skin, and your lifestyle RATHER THAN A TREND. Everyone can benefit from a full and well-shaped brow, and we have ALWAYS offered a hybrid of brow services, including a soft powdered color behind hairstokes. 


If you are considering microblading/permanent makeup, do your research! Remember, knowledge, experience, and consistency are worth the investment. Removal is not only a lengthy process but also an expensive one. Ask questions, look at a portfolio of the artist's work, and read up on reviews.