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Why The Tattoo Freckle Trend Needs To Stop

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Have you ever wished for something, got it, and then later regretted it (...think 1980's perm)? We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we try something new, because - “that grass sure looks greener on the other side”. Those who have freckles try to cover them with makeup, and those who don’t have freckles…. Are now permanently adding them to their faces? Ladies around the world are beginning to jump aboard the new tattoo trend by placing permanent freckles scattered along their cheeks and noses, but did anyone tell these ladies what their tattooed freckles will look like in 3-5 years? This is why we’re concerned with the tattoo freckle trend.


It's permanent. (Yes, tattoo removal exists, but it's costly, painful and could leave scarring.) Don’t get us wrong, freckles are adorable and lend to a beautiful and unique look to those blessed with all the extra kisses from angels (That’s where freckles come from, right?), but we will never get on board with tattooed freckles, and here's why.

Like any tattoo or permanent makeup, it fades over time. The color fades to an off hue and the shape spreads. We truly believe in enhancing your features with permanent makeup through various techniques such as microblading, lash line enhancements, etc, and we discuss each in detail through an in depth consultation to ensure the service is best for you. So, did anyone tell those following this trend that their tattooed freckles would eventually malfunction? We felt the conviction to speak out, because someone needs to!