5 Beauty Hacks From Mom

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You’re never too old to listen to your mom. At least that’s what mine tells me anyway. Mother’s Day is a few short weeks away, and the deadline has me reflecting upon Mom’s wise teachings. The list is never-ending, really. My mom never feels, felt or is shy when it comes to instilling her opinions on what’s best for me.


I was raised to be a sweet southern lady, saying yes ma’am, yes sir, excuse me and thank you. I was taught boy’s like girls who wear pink and if the boy wants to talk, let him call me. I’m grateful that my mom shared these... life hacks, if you will, because they truly laid the path to my strong foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I know some of these might sound silly, but they all made an impression. Now that I’m older, some of these are irrelevant, and others I constantly remind myself… “Remember what your mom taught you!” Here are 5 mom-taught beauty hacks that will never go un-needed or forgotten.

  1. Wash Your Face Before Bed - Your skin naturally wants to exfoliate. Left on makeup and built up oils hinder your skin from rejuvenating. Rejuvenation is what gives your skin that radiant youthful glow. Plus, no makeup in bed makes for clean pillow cases!

  2. Wear Your Hair Down As Often As Possible - Excessive tension put on your hair by hair ties or clips will weaken the hair and cause breakage. Ever wonder why you have short hairs around your neck line? It’s from wearing your hair in a ponytail too often. Opt for a braid during your next workout or hot day.

  3. Invest In A Good Bra - A good supportive bra is worth every penny, and it’s way cheaper than a boob lift.

  4. Skip A Shampoo Day, Or 2 - Over shampooing strips your hair of natural oils, thus telling your skin to produce more oils. If you color your hair, less shampooing will keep your color richer and your locks shinier. Make dry shampoo your best friend!

  5. Drink More Water - Actually, make water your best friend! Drink water over a calorie drink to help maintain your weight. Water keeps your skin and hair looking good - think of a plant that needs watering. If you’re feeling dull and shriveled, drink up!


What do I love most about these beauty hacks? They’re timeless. Hopefully I can pass these wise teachings on to my daughter one day. Did your mom leave a lasting beauty impression on you? What are some of your favorite beauty routines, and where did you learn them?