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3 Little Reasons Why I love My Mom

The Beach - Sunscreen - Memories

This time of year makes me crave 2 things, the beach and my mom. Since literally the month I was born and every spring following, my mom (and baby me in tow) ventured to the beautiful emerald beaches of South Walton County in the panhandle of Florida. Being two southern ladies from Mississippi, we love sunshine, our blonde hair, and family fellowship. Our trips to the beach, quickly became an annual tradition shared with mom’s girlfriends and their children. I like to proudly proclaim that my mom made me a beach bum. 

This past March we took advantage of Spring Break and headed back to Destin for a reunion trip after being mom/daughter beach deprived for about 6 years. Two of mom’s best friends joined with their daughters. It was nothing short of perfection. With Mother’s Day coming up, it was the perfect time for us to enjoy each other, while enjoying our favorite past time. 

Surrounded by graciously aged women in their late 50’s, I had to know their beauty secrets. What have these southern, sun-loving women been doing to keep their skin so youthful? No age spots on their cheeks, no leathered skin from too much sun bathing, just radiant skin beaming from 60 years of protection. I quickly learned one common factor to their juicy beauty secrets. SUNSCREEN. Each had their own additional night cream or regimen, but they ALL wear sunscreen.

My mom always, always told me "If anywhere, keep sunscreen on your face!" Me, being the lover of sun-kissed cheeks, only barely listened. My mentality was “I love my sun induced freckles, I’ll start wearing sunscreen when I’m older, when I really need it.” Well, I AM older. 31 to be exact, and my claim to being a beach bum shamefully comes with sun wrinkled skin and freckles too big to be freckles. They're full-on sun spots, just like the ones I claimed I'd worry about when I was "older".


This entire trip was a big eye opener for me. Something my mom taught me my entire life, finally proved itself. Does my mom really have better skin than me? Yes. Yes, she does. I regrettably look at my skin now and think, if I had only diligently worn sunscreen throughout my life, I'd be one of those elegant ladies that the youngin's admire. Graciously aged. So why didn't I wear it - I was probably too focused on keeping up with the beachy babe vibe to care. Oh, and the best part of the trip... I wore sunscreen on repeat everyday, all day, which means I didn't peel like an onion once I got home. It was a win, win kind of trip. I wish that I would have started this simple skin care regimen sooner. Now is better than never. “Thanks for the inspiration, ladies, and thanks, mom, for the persistent reminders!”

What beauty secrets did your mom teach you?