Not all eyebrows are the same, so your permanent makeup shouldn’t have to be the same either. We pride ourselves in a thorough consultation to determine what technique and method will best deliver your preferred eyebrow style based on your skin type. Whether it be microblading with a handtool or shadowing with a machine tool, we explore all options to best meet your needs.

Take time to explore microblading and permanent makeup techniques, methods and styles below.

Also known as Microstroking or Feathering brows. This manual tool is a great way to create natural looking brows. Ultra-fine hair strokes are used to enhance existing eyebrow hair. This technique will create a natural-like brow by transforming the shape, position and color of your brows.

The machine method works well on most skin types and results last longer than microblading. Using fine strokes to supplement the existing eyebrow hair, the strokes will be ever so slightly thicker than microblading but there will be a crisper pigment retention. We create a very realistic stroke pattern that is customized to each individual. The machine technique can benefit anyone who is experiencing hair loss or a lack of hair growth in the brows due to alopecia or cancer. With this method, there is less trauma/damage to the skin, better pigment retention for oily skins, the tattooed strokes will blend better on clients with coarse hair and it lasts longer. This technique will create a natural-like brow by transforming the shape, position and color of your brows.

This technique creates a soft powdered ombre brow using a combination of dot work and shading. The aim of this method is to replace the need for any penciling. It is possibly more suited to clients with naturally full brows, ideal for faded correctional work, to totally reshape the client’s brow or improve symmetry. Ultimately, those who like a more complete and fuller eyebrow with background color will love the ombre brow. If you have oily skin and large pores then this procedure will give you better pigment retention than the hairstroke technique.

Powder color is popular among those looking to achieve shape and definition, giving a similar finish to that of brow pencils or powders. This technique is great for achieving slightly sharper, bold brows.

The combination brow, also known as micro-shading, is the best of both worlds. This technique can use machine and/or hand tool depending on your skin type. Natural-looking hair strokes are used at the start of the brow to keep it looking soft then slowly blended into shading at the arch and tail of the brow for a more defined, polished look. Clients usually have less hair on the tails of the brow. Therefore, this is the area that needs the most attention in terms of tattooing which is why shading is ideal to achieve that definition.


How long will each of these techniques last?

Contrary to much information out there, pigment retention depends on a few things:

  • the amount of pigment inserted (tattooed) into the skin
  • skin type
  • tool used during technique

What if I don’t know what style is best for me?

Not sure which style is best for you? We do! Take advantage of our free consultation using our Online Pre-Consultation form. You can also text your photo or call 407-574-8383.


*Note: If you’re a breast cancer survivor whose eyebrow or scalp hair was affected by chemotherapy, and you’re interested in using insurance or receiving financial assistance for your eyebrow and scalp tattooing, use the link to learn more. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE