Meet Dr. Andrea Echeverry

Whether you’re a woman or a man facing hair loss due to chemotherapy, medical conditions, hair restoration surgery, use of hair systems, or have scars or skin conditions, Scalp Micropigmentation offers a tailored solution.

I’m Dr. Andrea Echeverry, owner of Hair Pigmentation Center in South Florida. Exciting news – I’ve partnered with About Face and Body in Orlando, Florida, working alongside Jennifer and Cristina. With over a decade of expertise in scalp micropigmentation, I’ve helped 10,000+ individuals regain confidence by addressing factors like elevation, depression, health, and elasticity in the skin. Understanding diverse skin types is crucial for optimal results.

Don’t let hair loss hold you back! Experience the transformation at About Face and Body. Beyond mastering this art, I share my insights through lectures and training for practitioners. Your confidence comeback starts here – let’s make it happen together!